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In search of the Silver or Ruby Red Slippers…


Asics and Saucony and Mizunos, oh my!  Asics and Saucony and Mizunos, oh my!

I took a trip to OZ yesterday and tried on “forty-leven” pairs of shoes at a local store.  Tapped my heels together three times and left the store like a “twista” with a pair of Asics off the clearance table.  There’s no place like home, I thought.  Just let me out of here.  I wasn’t even sure if I liked the shoes or not.  I think I just bought them because I ran the poor sales clerk, who had only been working there for the past three days, to death.  Yes, this tin lady does have a heart.

Basically, I have trained in about every brand of shoe and can honestly say that I have no clue which shoe I like the best.  In fact, I am embarassed that I didn’t even know the brand of my latest running shoe until I just looked in my workout bag:  Asics Gel Kayana 16.  They have done their job.  My knees and ankles are still intact.  I am not complaining.  But, I really want to find a shoe that makes me want to buy it over and over again.  I want to feel like I am rolling up on Michelin tires.  I want each stride to feel like I am floating in a big ole Lexus running about 70mph down the highway.  I want each step to feel like I am falling into the plushest down comforter on the planet…

It’s almost 4:30!!!  Time to go follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road!

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