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Practice your UPSWING…

For the last month, I have been experiencing a surge in my desire to run.   “Tessa done got her groove back”, thank goodness…(for the moment, at least…)  My latest running funk lasted about 4 to 6 months.  I would force myself to run on a Saturday morning once every two or three weeks.  All my girlfriends were still running like clockwork.  Getting up as early as 5am in the cold.  My eyes mght have been open at 4:30am, but I had absolutely NO desire to get up to run.  I am not sure what caused my slump.  But, obviously I am crawling out of it for the time being.  Eventually, I know the pendulum will swing again at some point.  So, while I am up high on my perch, I feel like I need to take advantage of my running boom as much as possible.  Although, 5am runs still don’t entice me, I pack two workout bags in advance for afternoon runs.  Why two bags?  Because Imageof all people, I know myself all too well.  In the past, I would be all jacked up and run Monday.  Then,  get busy on Tuesday morning and forget to pack a bag or not have time to prepare.  So, my well intended run would not come to fruition.  NOW, my packed bags have warm and cool running clothes plus yoga pants if I get a hankering.  “SNAP!” my students would say.  Well, maybe they would have said that last year.  “SNAP” has kind of run it’s course, hasn’t it?

What causes the UPSWING, swell, or rush?  I wish I knew.  What will help foster it?  I wish I knew that, too.  But, if you are in an upswing, savor it, feed it.  If not, then look forward to it’s return…Yes, it’s coming soon.

Get your feet lined up, get a good grip, take a gentle backswing, and follow through by running a little every once in awhile!  And your upswing will be magnificent!

Look forward to seeing all the superheroes tomorrow!!!

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