Hi!  I am Tessa.  I am from a great little town in the beautiful state of North Carolina.  I started running circa 1993.  I would only run twice a year.  One 5k at the YMCA Turkey Trot in the fall and then again in the summer at a YMCA Hotfoot 5k.  Back then, I ran to impress my new hubby instead of running for personal gratification.  Usually, I was disappointed by my finishes.  I found that being passed by all sorts, from elderly people to pregnant women pushing baby joggers, was not my idea of fun.  My husband actually suggested the bright idea of training for a race in 2000.  Training?  Imagine that!  I could barely run a 1/2 mile when I started.  One son, ten halves, and two full marys later, I love everything about running except THE FIRST MILE!  It is still the worst for me.  I am not really sure in which direction this site will lead, but I appreciate Victoria for suggesting it as a creative outlet.  I think it will be a lot of fun documenting adventures  and tossing around ideas about running.  I have a wonderful family and amazing friends and so lucky that many of them are my running buddies.  So, here is to THE FIRST MILE!  She can be so tough, can’t she?


10 thoughts on “Me

  1. Yay, Tessa!!! I’m so proud of you…a writer too! Best of luck to ya! Can’t wait to add you to my blogging list! Keep inspiring, girl.

  2. sara says:

    This is so funny. I’m training for a half in June. Just had an in depth conversation the other day about how much the first mile sucks. Not brave enough to warm up a mile before I do my long run though. But, man starting on mile 2 would be awesome. Love you my 7th grade science teacher, friend and cous by marriage. Good luck. Lol.

    • Tessa says:

      Good luck, Sara with your race. Keep me posted! I am so happy that you are doing a half! That is awesome.

      • sara says:

        Found comfort today during my 4 mile run that others have bad first miles. Actually made the first mile not suck so bad. Lol. 6 on sun. Looking forward to it.

  3. Juny says:

    Tessa! This is awesome! You are so inspiring and I love our Thursday runs!

  4. What an inspirational blog! I look forward to following….especially for encouragement, as I have a “troubled” relationship with running! I may not get to visit Betty, but I think I will constantly remember her during my runs!

  5. Sarah Bradley says:

    Okay so I love getting your new blogs in my inbox! You are such an inspiration and always have been!! I want to meet Betty…. someday. We are working up to running more… walking a lot more and haven’t had anything but water in a week… which is killing me… but it should get easier!

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