Running with someone faster than you…

So, I mentioned in an earlier post to not fret the hills.  Well, now, I am giving similar advice when you have that date with “the faster girl”.  First of all, that run is going to be good for BOTH of you.  Yes, you may be pushed a little harder than usual, and that first mile may suck a little more. But, you are getting more conditioned mentally and physically by it.  You also need to realize that she is getting a recovery run that she probably needs.  Running with your “old faithful” partner is awesome. I enjoy these runs most of all. But never be intimidated by running with someone faster.   The more often you do it, the faster you will become.   And those recovery runs may turn out to be “speed work” for that faster girl.   😉

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4 thoughts on “Running with someone faster than you…

  1. Congrats on the new blog Tessa… looks great! I added you to my bloated Blog List on Good luck!

  2. Kristin E. says:

    I LOVE this blog – the look, the content, the you! I am so inspired, I almost laced up and headed out right this very minute, but then I remembered that show about serial killers I watched last night and decided not to go out in the dark alone. I’m inspired though and stoked that you’re writing this AND hoping one of these days we can go for a run together – on one of your recovery days! :o)

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